CINIBA - e-Lending Regulations

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  1. E-books can be borrowed by users with an active account in the libraries of the library-information system of UŚ (University of Silesia) and UE (University of Economics), who have no outstanding commitments to the libraries.
  2. The user has the right to use loaned e-books exclusively for his/her own use, in accordance with applicable legal provisions, in particular the Act on Copyright and Related Rights (Journal of Laws 2018.1191).
  3. It is forbidden:
    a) to distribute and place the loaned e-books on the market,
    b) to modify or reproduce the content of the e-books,
    c) to use the e-books for commercial purposes, in particular to distribute their content or to upload them to the Internet.
  4. Borrowing e-books is possible after logging in to an account in the Integro catalog.
  5. To borrow a selected e-book, select the title and then click "Borrow online".
  6. The system will automatically transfer you to the "Borrowed documents" section, where the borrowed e-books are located. To use the e-book, click "Actions", and then, depending on the file format, select the appropriate option: "Browse PDF", "Download MOBI", "Download EPUB".
  7. If the "Browse PDF" option is selected, the file cannot be saved, copied or printed.
  8. The loaned e-books are marked in a way that identifies the source of the files and the borrower.
  9. MOBI and EPUB files are downloaded directly to the reader’s device.
  10. The number of e-books borrowed is 10 copies at a time.
  11. The loan period is 4 weeks with the possibility of extending this period in the absence of reservations made by other readers.
  12. E-books get returned automatically. In order to return them before their due date, use the "Return" button in the "Borrowed documents" section.
  13. In case of MOBI and EPUB e-books, the user is obliged to delete the files on his/her device no later than 4 weeks from the loan date. Failure to comply with the above obligation will be treated as a violation of the provisions of the Act on Copyright and Related Rights (Journal of Laws 2018.1191).
  14. If a given e-book is currently unavailable, the reader may reserve it. When the reserved item is returned, it will automatically be loaned to the account of the reader who is first in the reservation queue. The reader will be informed about it via e-mail.