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International catalogues


Catalogue of world literature. It contains descriptions of books, electronic documents, and articles.

The European Library

Common search engine for several European countries, national libraries, and digital libraries.

Library of Congress Catalogs

Library of Congress Catalogs offer four kinds of searching: by entering specific words from the record, by calling the index and selection of an appropriate term, in telnet connection and advanced search (Experimental Search System) with the possibility of finding related topics records.

KVK - Karlsruher Virtueller Katalog

Distributed catalogue - searches the union catalogues and national libraries catalogues of most European countries as well as from Canada and the catalogue of U.S. Congress Library).

Union catalogues of European countries

Austria Austrian libraries catalogue

Belgium The Royal Library Catalog

Belarus Union Catalog of Belarusian libraries

Croatian Crolist

Czech Union Union Catalogue of the Czech Republic

Denmark Danish libraries , Alis

France Catalogue Collectif de France, BNF, Sudoc

Spain Csic

Netherlands Catalogs of dutch scientific libraries, Koninklijke Bibliotheek

Lithuania Lithuanian National Library

Latvia Electronic Catalog of National Library of Latvia,



Russia Russia Russian National Library, LIBRARY.RU

Slovakia Slovenska Kniznica

Switzerland Swiss Libraries


United Kingdom COPAC, The British Library Integrated Catalogue


Italy ICCU


The European Library

The European Library provides access to resources of 47 European national libraries in 20 languages. You can search for bibliographic descriptions and available electronic publications.


List of libraries, made by Thomas Dowling. It contains links to 7500 web pages of libraries from more than 135 countries.

UNESCO Libraries Portal

List of libraries from around the world. Available through the WWW. Includes, inter alia, academic, national and public libraries. For the classification of the libraries geographical criterion was used.

WWW Library Directory

List of libraries from around the world. Available through the WWW. It includes more than 3600 libraries from more than eighty countries.