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Informacja i pomoc

In CINiBA there are 14 individual work carrels available, located on level 1. They can be booked for up to two weeks (or longer, if there are no other pendings) and used within CINiBA opening hours.

Service of carrels is lead by the reading room (32 786 51 51).

The individual work Carrels are available upon submission of reader identifying document – with priority given to researchers and PhD students, followed by the US and the UE students.

A reader identifying document: for employees of the Universities – employee electronic card or electronic library card; for students – electronic student ID card, for other readers – electronic library card or guest card. Issuing a free of charges guest card takes place in the circulation desk (level 0).

There are two types of carrels:

  1. equipped with a computer with Internet access and software appropriate to create documents,
  2. with ability to connect laptop to the Internet.

When booking, please specify which type you choose. The carrels with computers are assigned on a priority basis.

Detailed rules of the individual work carrels can be found here.

Guest card

Obligation to have a guest card applies to all readers who do not have a document authorizing to borrow books in CINIBA (for example student card). The guest card allows to use WiFi network, Reading Room, headphones for Multimedia room and individual work places. The guest card is issued free of charge by Lending Desk (level 0).

Reading Room

CzytelniaIn the reading room located on level 1, readers you can use books, magazines, materials from the closed storehouses and publications loaned from other libraries. These materials cannot be taken beyond the reading room. Upon request, the librarian may keep the ordered publications in the reading room, but for no longer than 7 days. There are 5 computer stations available for readers.

Orders for materials from closed storehouses shall be issued no later than 30 minutes before library closing. Orders issued after that time will be processed on the following workday.

The reference collection includes: general encyclopaedias (Polish and foreign), bibliographies and the series of Scientific Studies of the University of Silesia.
In order to use the reading room, a reader needs to have a document which authorises borrowing books from the CINiBA collections, or a guest card issued by the circulation desk. They should be left to the librarian on duty, to whom all materials brought by the reader must be reported as well.
The readers are also welcome to use the individual study carrels.

Readers can also use individual work carrels.


Current Press

Czytelnia Prasy Bieżącej


The current press reading room is located on level 2. We can find here the latest information and opinion-forming journals, including Polish and foreign newspapers and magazines.



Computer Lab

Pracownia Komputerowa


In the computer lab on level 1, there 21 terminals with Internet access.








In multimedia reading room, located on level 1, we offer access to multimedia and computer stations where you can play discs that require installation of appropriate software and restarting a computer. Headphones are available in the reading room, located on level 1.

In order to use the library' headphones, a reader needs to have a document which authorises borrowing books from the CINiBA collections, or a guest card issued by the circulation desk.

Users with their own equipment can use the wireless Internet. It is possible to access the following networks:

authorised network CINiBA (without possibility to use databases and services subscribed by the US and the UE);

authorised network EDUROAM provided authentication, that is entering username and password (authentication enables you to work in protected university network - applies to staff and students of the US and the UE.


The CINiBA employees do not configure users’ laptops to access the Internet.

You are always welcome at the reference desks located on three levels of the building where library employees:

  • provide assistance in finding sources of information necessary for research and teaching,
  • provide bibliographic and subject information based on the library printed sources, computer databases and the Internet,
  • assist in use of CINiBA resources,
  • locate publications searched by the readers in Polish and foreign libraries.

Contact form: ask a librarian

32 786 5130 (level 0),

32 786 5150 (level 1), 

32 786 5160 (level 2)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.