CINIBA - Individual study carrels - Ordinance No. 2/2017

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Ordinance No. 2 / 2017 of the Director of the Scientific Information Center and Academic Library, dated 10th July 2017

Acting on the basis of the Regulations of access to the collections in CINiBA, Chapter 3, paragraph 10 (annex to the Resolution No. 129 of the Senate of the University of Silesia, dated 27th June 2017), I establish the following rules for using the individual study carrels.

The current Rules for using the individual study carrels are the Appendix No. 1 to this Ordinance.

The ordinance comes into force on the day of signing.

Professor dr hab. Dariusz Pawelec
Director of the Scientific Information Center and Academic Library


Rules for using the individual study carrels

1. Individuals who hold a document giving right to use the library collections or a guest card issued by the Circulation Desk may use the Individual Study Carrels. Priority is given to academic employees and PhD students, followed by students of the US and the UE. The individual study carrels service is provided by the CINiBA Reading Room staff. Reservations can be made up to a month in advance, giving estimated hours of use. Carrels are available for up to two weeks. This period can be extended, if there are no other pendings. In case of not using the carrel for the following two days, which are the library work days, the CINiBA staff have right to make it available to another waiting person. In the situation of queues waiting for the carrel and at the moment when nobody is working in the carrel, the librarian on duty may make the space temporarily available, provided, that when the person for which the reservation is noted appears, the carrel must immediately be made available to that person. In this case, the user must return the key to the librarian on duty every time when leaving the carrel.

2. The carrel key is made available to the user upon presentation of a document giving right to use the library collections, or a guest card, provided that the user has a valid reader account.

3. The CINiBA provides two types of carrels:
• Equipped with computers, with the Internet access and software for creating own documents,
• With possibility to connect an own laptop to the Internet.

4. The choice of carrel depends on the user. Allocation of the carrels equipped with the computers is done on a priority basis. Reservations are made for particular carrels.

5. The user of a carrel equipped with a computer:
• Is responsible for the equipment left at his disposal,
• All his own files are saved on a disk D in a folder created for his own needs.

The CINiBA is not responsible for any data stored on a disk D (not archived). The users finishing using the carrel should make sure to delete their own files from a disk D, otherwise the librarian on duty will do it.

6. The carrel can be used during the CINiBA working hours and must not be freely made accessible to any other persons.

7. At the end of the working day, the cabin should be closed and the key should be returned to the librarian on duty. Loss of the key causes need to pay a duplicate fee of 50 PLN. The CINiBA reserves the right to enter a carrel also in the absence of its user. The user closes the carrel every time he goes out.

8. In the individual study carrels readers can use library documents, own materials and own computer equipment. Materials stored in the CINiBA closed storehouses should be ordered to the Reading Room. At the reader's request, the librarian may keep publications ordered from the closed storehouses in the Reading Room, however, no longer than for 7 days.

9. The materials used by the reader should not be left in the carrel after work on a given day.

10. The user bears full responsibility for the library materials and equipment in the carrel and is obliged to maintain order in the carrel.

11. The CINiBA is not responsible for any valuable items left in the carrel.