CINIBA - Rules of order

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No. 5/2019
by the Director of the Scientific Information Centre and Academic Library
of 19th November 2019

          I  All users are required to:

  1. Leave their bags, backpacks, umbrellas and coverings, except for bags of maximum A4 size, 21 x 30 cm, in the cloakroom (during autumn/winter time) or in one of the lockers located by the cloakroom. Exception for the rule are guests and organizers of events taking place in the Seminar Room on level 2. The said persons are allowed to enter the Center area with bags exceeding the A4 size, under the condition of wearing a special "CINiBA Visitor" IDs (to be received by the organizers at the Reference Desk on Level 0).
  2. Use CINiBA basket to take their belongings into free access area. Baskets are located near the cloakroom on level 0. Security guards are allowed to check what is inside the basket.
  3. Keep quiet at the CINiBA premises, excluding group work rooms.
  4. Get familiar with the current information concerning the rules of using CINiBA collections and its services.
  5. Carefully handle the collections and equipment of the CINiBA and make sure, that their hands and clothes are clean.
  6. Make sure, that the materials being taken outside of the CINiBA are borrowable and if so, whether they have been charged to their account.
  7. Allow the security guards inspect the books taken outside or bags regardless of their size.
  8. Put their mobile phones or other electronic devices  in silent mode, while on the CINiBA premises.
  9. In the case of not respecting the rules of order, by decision of the Director of the Centre, a CINiBA employee may request immediate departure from the building, and in the case of notorious refusal to obey the regulations, prohibit access to the CINiBA.

    II  It is forbidden to:
  1. Behave in a way that could disturb other user, e.g. talk or turn up portable players loudly, move or hide books and magazines from other users.
  2. Damage library materials while reading (e.g. underline the text with a pen, open the book in a way that might crack its spine etc.), as well as make photocopies in a way that could damage the book (e.g. open the book so that it might crack its spine).
  3. Bring food and drinks (excluding water bottles with caps), smoke, drink alcohol or use drugs.
  4. Enter the CINiBA premises under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  5. Leave user’s personal belongings unattended. CINiBA is not liable for loss/damage to personal property.
  6. Make photos and movies inside the CINiBA building without permission of Director of the Scientific Information Centre and the Academic Library or authorized person. Making movies and photos for commercial use is not free of charge and must be permitted by the Center Office employee. Photos to be published must include the name „Scientific Information Center and Academic Library”.