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I General provisions

  1. Users of the CINiBA are obliged to leave their bags, backpacks, umbrellas and coverings, except for bags are guests and organizers of events taking place in the seminar room on level 2. The said persons are allowed to enter the Center area with bags exceeding the A4 size, under the condition of wearing a special "CINIBA Visitor" IDs (to be received by the organizers at the reference desk on level 0).
  2. There are two types of lockers in the cloakroom – lockers with a key and with a PIN system. To use a locker with a key, the user must have a return coin of 1 PLN or 2 PLN, which allows to activate the lock mechanism and remove the key after closing.
  3. It is forbidden to store valuable items andanything that may damage or destroy the lockers, or may jeopardize safety of users in the CINiBA and the facility itself, particularly flammable substances, chemicals, odours, caustics, alcohol and items possessing of which may be considered forbidden by law.
  4. The person using a locker should respect its order, condition and use in accordance with its intended purpose.
  5. Items in lockers can only be stored during the visit in the library and everything must be taken from the locker the same day before CINiBA closes.
  6. In case of breaking regulations CINiBA reserves the right to open the locker.
  7. In a situation when the CINiBA user loses a key to the locker or forgets PIN, he can receive the items locked after the opening of the locker by a committee, after the opening hours of the Center, or from the deposit.
  8. The person receiving the item from the deposit must accurately describe it, confirm receiving the item by his signature on the opening protocol, and return the key. In the case of the key loss, he also pays the amount of 50 PLN at the Circulation Desk, as a refund for the replacement of the lock and the key.
  9. For any consequence of loss or damage of the locker key, the person using the locker shall be solely responsible.
  10. The CINiBA does not take responsibility for any things left in the lockers.
  11. Using the cloakroom is free. A fee of 25 PLN is charged for the lost number badge. The fee shall be paid at the circulation desk.


II Sketch for opening the lockers

  1. After the CINiBA closes, lockers with a key are opened by a committee. Lockers with PIN open automatically each day at the set time.
  2. A committee reserves the right to open lockers in the following situations: breaking regulations, leaving items after the CINiBA closes (applies lockers with a key), losing a key to the locker or forgetting PIN.
  3. The locker is opened by the Facility Manager or by a person indicated by him, in the presence of at least one employee of the CINiBA.
  4. A protocol of locker opening is prepared. The model protocol is attached as the Appendix No. 1.
  5. Handling of items removed from the lockers:
    1. items, which may contaminate, damage or destroy the lockers, or may jeopardize the safety of users in CINiBA and the facility itself, particularly flammable substances, chemicals, odours, caustics, alcohol are disposed of immediately,
    2. the remaining items are placed in a plastic bag, with the date and number of the locker from which the items were removed.
    3. deposited items can be collected from the Facility Manager from Monday to Friday in the following hours: 8.00 am - 3.00 pm, in max 2 months from the day when they were removed from the locker.
  6. A person collecting the items from the deposit is obliged to describe them and certify that he had received the items on the locker opening protocol.